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Jordan High Heels

Lovechild of Sneakers and Stilettos

Men often joke that the only way to get a woman to show interest in sports is by inventing "super cute" sneaker stilettos. Basketball behemoth, Michael Jordan's sportswear brand took this popular culture cliché seriously and now sells several successful lines of Jordan high heels. These pumps combine the performance and comfort of traditional basketball sneakers with the femininity of pumps resulting in hybrid high heels that are comfortable as well as edgy.

A High Heel for Everyone All Jordan high heels come with a red shoe box with the Jumpman logo on the lid. These heels are made in full as well as half sizes, starting at US 5.5 and going up to US 9.5. The brand's equivalent European and English shoe size range is EUR 36 to EUR 41 and UK 3 to UK 7. Sometimes, special sizes may be available in a few models. Air Jordan high heels come in 3.5, 4, 6, 8 and 11 series with shoe design getting progressively sleeker with each series. Two other series- Jordan Retro Heels and Jordan Ring High Heels are very popular among women. The first takes inspiration from the retro era of the 1980s and early 1990s while the latter features a sky-high heel with a shiny contrast panel highlighting the toe box of the stilettos. The beauty of Jordan high heels lies in the attention to detail in their design. Each pair of pumps features three to four colors which although in contrast of each other sit together harmoniously on the shoe. Shoe laces are also synchronized with the shoe's color scheme and feature metal ends. The Jumpman logo sits prominently on the shoe's cuff in testimony to their quality. On turning over the stilettos, you will see a finely detailed sole with the Jumpman logo and intersecting designs in the shoe's color scheme.

Walking in Jordan High Heels Can you expect something with the iconic Jumpman logo on them to be hard to walk in? Thankfully, neither could Air Jordan while designing these modern pumps. The first time you slip your feet into these, your feet will feel better supported like you stuck it inside a sneaker and not a painful stiletto. This is because their interior is built like a sports shoe to absorb shock from movement. Just put your weight on the heel first and the toe later while walking and Jordan high heels become the most comfortable heels ever. If a sneaker and a stiletto had a lovechild, it would definitely look like Jordan high heels. Michael Jordan retired from basketball in 2003 and he is not a drag queen. So, your chances of seeing the basketball superstar scoring baskets in these edgy pumps are slim but you can be a local superstar when you wear them.


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